At The Butcher The Baker, there will be one word that you will continually see and we hope it jumps out at you. It is a small, two syllable noun called PASSION. It may only be a noun and one that is too often overused, but it is the one definitive word that we genuinely believe succinctly portrays what drives us personally and as a business and one that you will see time and time again. Simply it is what and who we are.

The Butcher The Baker is also a business that accepts no compromise with any component of our operation, from the team that was chosen to lead it, to our suppliers and product range and it reflects the level of investment and commitment that designed and built this new, innovative and exciting retailing concept.

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Paul Higgins is our Butchery Manager.

Many of Paul’s award winning products are his own secret recipes and are unique to us at The Butcher The Baker.

If it says pork and leek, it is pork and real leek, not flavouring.

If it is the Spanish and Manchago sausage, it is real Manchago supplied by one of Scotland’s best Fromageries.

Again.  No compromise.

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When the concept of The Butcher The Baker was conceived, Alan Clark’s philosophy of believing in people and only choosing the best to help him drive his businesses was something that he was not prepared to compromise.

After all, his passion and his teams have been the foundation of his business success over decades, so why change the tried and tested formula.

The team at The Butcher The Baker is the powerhouse of our business. With Alan’s passion, which has been the inspiration to his son Jonathan, the team was born. David Webster, the third generation of a well-known Dundee butcher’s family who, with his entrepreneurial skills, was the next addition and a corner stone of the project.

As you will read later, the creative talent had to be found and where better to start than at Scotland’s iconic and foremost tourist attraction, The House of Bruar, where Head Butcher, Paul Higgins was easily persuaded to join us. Paul and his team work tirelessly to source the finest quality produce to then convert into some of the most creative and delicious food you would wish to put on your table.

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The perfect analogy to describe our suppliers would be that, like a quality French Bistro, where the quality of house wine reflects the reputation of The Patron, so are our suppliers. Each one is carefully chosen by our Butchery Manager, Paul, after careful research of the products and provenance of what they supply. He has spent his whole career sourcing only the best and his network of quality and recognised suppliers is second to none.

Our suppliers are his reputation.

Even Paul’s Spanish and Manchago cheese sausages see the cheese being supplied by Tayside’s premier fromagerie, The Cheesery, in Dundee’s Exchange Street.

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Dinner party planning and preparation advice.

Paul’s skills as a college lecturer will also allow us to offer on-site demonstrations and cookery master classes on how to butcher meat, make sausages and creatively prepare all meat and chicken.

We are all very excited about the possibilities of sharing his talent with many of our customers over a glass of wine.

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If you would like to meet them team then they’re always pleased to see you.

We are based at 12 Annfield Rd, Dundee, DD1 5JH.

We’re open Monday to Saturday 8:00 – 17:00.

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